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Since Book Aid For Africa was established in 2007 we have shipped over 250,000 books to different countries in Africa that have helped educate thousands of children and young people. We need your help to ensure that every week we help even more.

We currently have a backlog of book requests waiting to be fulfilled. We need your continued support. Please consider donating

Please consider donating

Acknowlegdement from a Beneficiary

This is to express our sincere appreciation to your organization in respect of books donated to Mountain Top University.
A container load of books from Book Aid For Africa (BAFA) was delivered to the University Library on March 2nd, 2017. It was well received by the Principal officers of the University and the entire Library staff. In total 292 cartoons of books, a brief case containing video camera and its accessories, T-shirts and Badminton rackets were received.
I am delighted to inform you that the books have been processed and placed on the shelves for users. There is no doubt, this gesture has added to the library collections and enhanced the outlook of our shelves. Furthermore, Members of staff and students from the two Colleges i.e  College of Humanities, Social and Management Sciences (CHMS) and College of Basic and Applied Sciences (CBAS) found them relevant to their various courses.
The pictures confirming the receipt, processing and placement of the books on the University Library shelves are attached herewith.
We also discovered, that some books are for Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools, a development we considered to be beneficial to us as we hope to extend your good gesture to the Mountain Top Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools.
Once again, accept our sincere appreciation as we look forward to future beneficial  relationship with you.
Thank you

Requests for books in the Pipeline

I’ve just returned from my honeymoon in Kenya and visited a school in the Ngong Hills (Nairobi, Kenya) called Master Builders Academy. It started out as a feeding programme in the slum but has grown to a primary school with classes up to standard 6. The school isn’t supported by the government and is desperate to set up a library and generally need resources. I’m wondering if you would be able to support this school in some way?

Samantha BelfrageMaster Builders Academy

Open Learning Centre is local NGO in Northern Malawi whose mission is to make sure that secondary schools have functioning libraries. This is done by providing expertise in library and information management to ensure students have access to information.

So far we have managed to set up two libraries with funds generated locally. The main challenge is that we have few books to meet the demand of many schools.

We are therefore requesting you to provide us with books.

Lameck MphandeExecutive Director, Open Learning Center , Malawi

We are an educational institution in Shanzu which is within Mombasa county of Kenya. We offer tuition to secondary students and adult students of various ages at different times of the day. 

Our main challenge is the shortage of text books based on our KCPE,  KCSE and GCSE systems of education. 

We humbly request for your donation of books towards this end. Our student population is 150 and counting. Each student requires an average of 7 text books. Kindly consider us.

Thanking you in advance. 

Peter OyaroDirector, MOP Educational Centre

We have a organization call Great Commission Bible College, in the Upper East Region of Ghana. We would be glad to partner with you if you could kindly assist us by supplies your books to our school library and the community library too.

We hope that this our request would meet your consideration and subsequent approval. Hope to hear from you. Thank you very much

Rev. William Kwesi NsohGreat Commission Bible College

My name is Affor George Mukete from Cameroon am a stundent at the University of Bamenda reading Accounting and Finance some of us students who have made through the secondry and high school level knows the conditions under which students here make it through thier education and we are trying to put in place a libery for the students here and we need your help since are not financially strong since we are just students too. The students are mostly concern with speciallity like Art. Science and Commercial education. We will be very greatful if this hand of aid comes and pull us up to hope in archieving our vision.

Thanks for understanding

George Affor MuketeStudent University of Bamenda

Further to my communications with Catalin we would like to make a request for support in the way of books for our projects in Malawi please.

Without much knowledge of the quantity and nature of books Book Aid for Africa may be able to support us with it is a little difficult for us to make a specific request.

We operate educational programmes in Africa, working with several schools in rural areas, which do not have access to a library or books. Amongst other things, we have recently finished construction of an education centre in Malawi, which includes an equipped computer room and a room designated as a small library, as yet unstocked. In addition, we built a laboratory and library building for the local secondary school last year.

Initially we would prefer books to stock the small library at the education centre with. We work with the primary school and community day secondary school in that village, so books for those age ranges would be very welcome, as well as general English/reading books, as we use these for extra-curricular sessions and adult education.

Therefore, books covering a wide range of topics would be appreciated, so we may provide education outside the set curriculum.  Simple stories that encourage basic reading skills with colourful illustrations for the younger learners would be great.  The higher grades would benefit from stories that inspire courage, good character, a love for adventure, conservation and the environment.  Books about hygiene and sanitation, agriculture, budgeting, goal setting, nutrition and exercise would also be helpful.  General knowledge that is relevant to African children and colourful pictures would be treasured.

Some books that teach adult literacy, particularly for women that have not had the opportunity to learn to read, would also be much appreciated.

At this stage we are kindly requesting approximately 500 books for Mangochi in Malawi.  Multiple  copies of some books for group learning would also be useful.

Thank you for considering our request.

Marc Crouch Chairman, Naturally Africa

Greetings all the way from Afar state of Ethiopia. My name is Dawud and i am writing to ask for book aid for two organizations i work for. I am currently working as a lecture at Samara University and i see that we have shortage of books in our library because the university is relatively new. The university has 7000 student population and is in dire need of books to handle the teaching and learning process smoothly.

Meanwhile, i would also like to request for book aid on behalf of Afar regional state bureau of Education where i work as a project manager for British Council funded Education project. Afar region is the poorest, remotest and the most underdeveloped region in Ethiopia, where there is massive shortage of books and limited access to education facilities. Almost all, if not all, the schools (primary, secondary and tertiary), in the region do not have libraries because of the remoteness of the region and lack of adequate number of books in their shelves. As a result, a large portion of students in the region do not make it beyond high school level for they can’t compete at University level. consequently, most of the youth usually end up either migrating to foreign countries or being involved in criminal activities because the can’t find jobs with the academic background they have. i believe quality education would play greater role in shaping the future generation of the region and books play ample role in delivering quality education to the youth.

To handle the book aid process, i will be using the NGO which i founded in 2012 called Afar Development and Scholarship Fund (ADSF). Hence, i would appreciate if you can brief me the procedure and requirements from you end.

looking forward for your reply and to working with you

Dawud Mohammed Ali (MBA)Lecturer, Samara University

Accept greetings from our end.

We are an education institution offering Grammar, Industrial, Technical, Commercial and Vocation education at secondary and high school levels.

Having visited your site, we hereby manifest our interest and determination to acquire a donation of library inputs from your organization to boost the study, research and learning power of our students.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Mbigha SamuelDirector, Foundation Education Trust College

It is with great enthusiasm that l write to you wanting to find out more about how  rural communities in Zimbabwe can benefit from this life changing initiative of a better education through access to books.

 We are a grouping of community Based Organisations with 80 CBOs todate having formed the coalition in March 2016. We want our CBOs to make a difference in their communities and we have a priority list in terms of community needs. If we can recieve any amount of books either primary or High school textbooks will go a long way in improving marginalised communities’s access to quality education by reducing the pupil textbook ratio which currently is at an average of  10  students per book.

We will abide by your rules and regulations and meet what is expected of us in achieving this dream for our communities. 

Cleto ManjovaNational Coordinator

Thousands of Books to Mozambique

Thousands of books were recently despatched to Mozambique by BAFA.

The much-welcomed resources will be used in schools and in post-compulsory education. The initiative followed on from a meeting held in London between BAFA’s Chair and Mozambique’s High Commissioner

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