Memorandum of Understanding

BAFA is a major initiative, promoting excellence in education through the provision of new and good quality fairly used reference books to under-resourced libraries in schools, colleges and universities in even the remotest parts of Africa.

If you share our vision and want to partner with us, you are required to agree to our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for partnering organisations, charities and individuals:

1.Books are to be freely distributed, as donations from BAFA.

2.As sea transportation is our major means of delivering books BAFA will determine the total shipment cost (including associated expenses), which might vary, depending on the destination, and this is to be borne by the partner (recipient of books).

3.All other associated costs at the delivery port, including clearance charges if any are to be borne by the partner. It is thus worthwhile for the partner to ascertain the clearance processes before requesting a shipment. However, please note that you would not usually have to pay for any port charges for the goods, as they're charitable goods. We will provide an invoice in relation to the shipment. You may incur minimal handling fees.

4.We would normally require the full payment for the shipment depending on whether it is a container load (£2,500 to £4,500) or a pallet (£500 to £1,500). The processing of the shipment, if it is a container load, will take between 3-4 months. The figures of course do include storage costs for the period, and meeting the collection and loading expenses.

5.Books will be despatched once the cost of shipment has been paid and received into our bank account. BAFA account details are as follows

  • Name of Account: Book Aid for Africa; Account Number: 02731156
  • Sort Code: 30-93-43; Bank Name: Lloyds Bank
  • BIC: LOYDGB21310; IBAN: GB22 LOYD 3093 4302 7311 56

6.For shipment purposes, we shall require the following information:

  • Port of destination
  • Name and address details of the recipient including telephone contact.
  • Please note that whoever will be collecting the goods at your end will require some form of identification: passport, driving licence, etc

7.We also request that recipients of books sent by BAFA take and send us the following photographs

  • Photo of ship at the Port that delivered the books.
  • Photo of the container being off-loaded from the ship.
  • Photo of the boxes of books being moved from the container
  • Photo of the boxes when they are being delivered to your institution
  • Photo of the books being removed from the boxes and put on the shelves. In particular, we would like a photo of the library BEFORE our books arrive, and after the books have been put on shelves.

We would like to see the difference that our shipment has made.

8.If possible, we would like a video coverage of all these activities, in addition to interviewing yourself and some of the students about the difference our books have made to the Library provisions.

9.These pictures and videos are to be sent to BAFA by e-mail, or via We Transfer or dropbox which would represent the proof of the books reaching the intended recipients.

We will reserve the right to use these images to promote the work of BAFA.

Signed: Mr Jonas Abladey, CEO

Professor Emmanuel Adegbite,Director of Partner Relationships