How to raise funds

How To Raise Funds

Raising funds for a charity is never easy - but home grown ideas and initiatives that 'hit the spot' with potential supporters are an invaluable way of raising funds and raising awareness of an organisation.

We actively need your initiative and drive to help us raise funds for our mission. At the end of it, local, home-grown initiatives run by someone just like you will help us succeed.

We need your support to raise funds

Fund raising can also be fun and we believe it should be. From car-boot sales and fun-runs, to fundraising dinners and bag packing at supermarkets, the options are endless.

We see ourselves as agents helping you release your potential to help the youth of Africa. All that we ask is that you abide by Our Promise.

Let us know your plans and a page on this website could be made available for you to help organise your event.

How to Get Started

You've made the decision and know that you want to raise money for BAFA. Some people have the ability to come up with the best way to achieve that at the drop of a hat. Most of us though, need a little help to get started. If you do need a few pointers to help you to start fundraising, here are some tips to help you on your way.

Understand, evaluate and investigate

Think of who will want to take up your fundraising initiative -the people who will end up spending their hard earned money on whatever it is you are offering. What do they like to do? What sort of event will make them tick? Think about the different options that would be popular and investigate if any similar fundraising events have happened recently. Be innovative and come up with something new.

Keep things simple and make it fun

Remember, the simpler anything is, the less likely it is to fail. Be realistic about what is achievable and about what will be a fun thing to participate in. People like having fun, organisers and participants alike, and that simple fact needs to be born in mind at all times.

Plan properly

We've all heard the old saying about the best-laid plans of mice and men, but don't let that put you off. Get people on board who've done it before, or who are involved with planning as part of their job. Be systematic and document what needs to happen, when it needs to take place and who is going to do it. Proper planning pays dividends in more ways than one.

Consider others

Remember that people work in different ways and have different ways of getting to the same end result. Empower people to take ownership and make things happen their own way. A dictatorial approach will get you no-where, irrespective of your desire to achieve, so be collaborative and work with your team.

Price things reasonably

Pricing is all-important; the objective, after all, is to raise funds for BAFA. Pricing should encourage consumer spending and not prohibit it. People like the idea of value for money, even for charitable events, so think things through and discuss your pricing plans with others to get a handle on what prices the market will consider reasonable.

Two heads are better than one

We all have experiences of making things happen under our belts, whatever job we do, or have done in the past. A problem shared is a problem halved, so involve others and don't try and organise in splendid isolation. People enjoy being part of a solution, so help them release their energy and make things happen together.

Learn for the future

When the great day has been and gone and you've counted the takings and transferred the money to BAFA, there's just one final job to be done. Reconvene your team; thank them once again for their hard work, and then brainstorm what went well and what could be done better next time. Fund raising is fun and you will want to do it all over again, so jot the learning points down for next time and post them on your fundraising page, so that others can benefit from them.

And then you can finally relax, until next timeā€¦!