BAFA 10th Anniversary and KALA SAVI video

Bafa Chair Person meets The Chief Justice of The Gambia




BAFA Chairperson had discussions about a shipment of books to Gambia with The Chief Justice of The Gambia, at the recently concluded Round Table Pre Commonwealth 2018 Summit Conference in London.


It was in March 2007 that Book Aid for Africa (BAFA) was officially registered in the UK as a Charity. Since then, many countries in Africa have benefitted from the thousands of books that have been shipped to their primary, secondary, further and higher education institutions.

On SATURDAY, 28th OCTOBER 2017, BAFA is commemorating its 10 year anniversary, and the launch of its KNOW AFRICA – LOVE AFRICA (KALA) SCHOOLS AND COMMUNITIES SHARED VALUE INITIATIVE. The Event is taking place at City Space, University of Sunderland, Chester Road, Sunderland SR1 3SD.

Come and find out more about how BAFA has been making a difference, and how you can help us to continue to make a difference in the educational landscape in Africa. You’ll also find out more about how BAFA intends to give something back to schools and communities, through its KALA Shared Value Initiative.

There will be presentations, refreshments, entertainment, prize draw and much more.

We hope to see you there. Bookings for places will be made available soon.
You can see how thing went by viewing the pictures here



The Board of Trustees and the Management Team of BAFA are delighted to know that our shipment of books has made a big difference to the library provision at Mountain Top University, Ibafo, Ogun State, Nigeria. Our shipment of a 20-foot container load of books was delivered to the University Library on March 2nd, 2017.

According to the Librarian, Dr. Helen Akinade, the books were “well received by the Principal officers of the University and the entire Library staff”. She confirmed that “in total Two Hundred and Ninety-two

cartons of books (and other educational accessories) were received… members of staff and students from the … College of Humanities, Social, and Management Sciences (CHMS) and College of Basic and Applied Sciences (CBAS) found them relevant to their various courses”.

BAFA Chair Meets High Commissioners

BAFA Chair, Professor Elewechi Okike recently met with the High Commissioners of Malawi, Uganda, and Mozambique in London to discuss shipment, and the clearance of books shipped, to their countries

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1 March 2018 World Book Day

It’s World Book Day on 1st March 2018 !!!

Please consider making a generous donation to enable us to send books to the different countries in Africa that
have requested books from us.

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Thank you.

October is Black History Month

Book Aid for Africa has been making a difference in the educational landscape in Africa. During this period, we have shipped over 200,000 books to different countries in Africa, including Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, amongst others. We have received requests for books from many other countries, but need funds to process the shipments. You can help us to continue to make a difference by donating generously to our cause.

As we celebrate another ‘Black History Month’ this October, please consider making a generous donation to enable us honour requests for books that we have received from different countries in Africa. If you are interested in organising an event for us, please get in touch with us . Africa’s children need your help

Nigeria: Books sent to Edo State


In February 2011, BAFA shipped a container load of books and other educational resources to Edo State. The school until then had no library. The school authorities were so pleased with the volume of books received from BAFA that they decided to expand the size of their new library building so that other schools in the community could use it.

Covenant University donation to BAFA

Covenant University, the leading faith-based Private University in Nigeria, has made a generous donation to BAFA, to enable the Charity to continue to make a difference in the educational landscape in Africa. The generous donation further affirms the University’s mission ( is to rescue education and revolutionalize the educational landscape, of Africa. The Board of Trustees of BAFA have expressed their appreciation for this donation and hope other well-meaning institutions will follow their worthy example.