The Board of Trustees and the Management Team of BAFA are delighted to know that our shipment of books has made a big difference to the library provision at Mountain Top University, Ibafo, Ogun State, Nigeria. Our shipment of a 20-foot container load of books was delivered to the University Library on March 2nd, 2017.

According to the Librarian, Dr. Helen Akinade, the books were “well received by the Principal officers of the University and the entire Library staff”. She confirmed that “in total Two Hundred and Ninety-two

cartons of books (and other educational accessories) were received… members of staff and students from the … College of Humanities, Social, and Management Sciences (CHMS) and College of Basic and Applied Sciences (CBAS) found them relevant to their various courses”.

Nigeria: Books sent to Edo State


In February 2011, BAFA shipped a container load of books and other educational resources to Edo State. The school until then had no library. The school authorities were so pleased with the volume of books received from BAFA that they decided to expand the size of their new library building so that other schools in the community could use it.

Students from Ashton Park School facilitate sending books to Tanzania


In 2015, a couple of teachers along with a few students from Ashton Park School drove all the way from South of England to Sunderland to collect books. Every summer they go over to a remote village in Tanzania to help the community build a school. After they finished building the library, books were needed. BAFA agreed to provide 1000 books from a wide range of subjects. On their return from Tanzania in September 2015, here’s what Paul Miller head Teacher (head builder,) had this to say in the email he sent to us:

What a fantastic experience it was to deliver all of your books. The impact they have and will make is fantastic. The book is still king in Africa where computers are just a dream for most people. The library is the envy of all the schools in the area. People were so impressed that the District Commissioner for North Tanzania came to see. It was like having a visit from the president of the USA! The school kids looking their best and all of the teachers were bowing and hoping to shake his hand etc..Apparently he is standing for election to president of Tanzania next month!

So putting in the library has had a big effect on the whole school in more ways than we possibly imagined.
Next year we are going to do some work at a local orphanage and if you are able to help with more books that would be really good, the age range is from nursery to secondary, all need at least a basic education, so Maths, English, Science, Geography and loads of reading books would be good.
keep in touch,
Paul x”

Mozambique: From BAFA with Love


Following a meeting held in London between BAFA and the Mozambique High Commissioner, thousands of books were dispatched to Mozambique by BAFA. The much – welcomed resource will be used in schools and in post-compulsory education.