About Book Aid For Africa

Book Aid for Africa (BAFA) has been making a difference since 2007. It began with a vision of what the future could be if every child in Africa had access to reference books and resources. BAFA has been working to achieve a better future for the children of Africa ever since.

Our Mission

'To provide good quality books and other educational resources to educational institutions and Communities in Africa'

A word from BAFA's Chair/CEO Elewechi Ngozi Modupe Okike

“Education is the key to developing countries." (Princess Anne)

Book Aid for Africa (BAFA) is a UK registered Charity that is making a difference in the educational landscape in Africa. At BAFA we believe education should be a right and not just a privilege for the deprived children of Africa.

BAFA is the product of recognising the grave educational plight of Africa and our willingness to make a difference. At BAFA, we are improving the quality of education, by providing good quality books to under-resourced libraries in parts of Africa, and by making books and other educational resources available to schools and colleges. We work with reputable organisations and agencies in Africa, to identify areas of need and coordinate the distribution of shipments to Africa. We appoint representatives throughout Great Britain who coordinate the collection and packaging of books and other educational resources, for shipment to Africa. We also recruit volunteers to work in our main office in Sunderland and raise funds to assist with the shipment of the collected materials.

It is over 10 years this year that we have been making a difference in Africa's educational landscape. During this period, we have sent over 200,000 educational books to different countries in Africa. These books have been used to equip desolate libraries across all levels of education in Africa, and have made a substantial contribution in the quality of educational provision in different African communities.

The BAFA Management Team

  • Chair - Professor Elewechi Okike
  • CEO - Mr Jonas Abladey
  • Business Analyst and IT Director - Mr Edmund Browne
  • Director of Fundraising - Mr Douglas Jones
  • Asst. Director of Fundraising - Mr Anthony Stennett
  • Director of Partner Relationships - Professor Emmanuel Adegbite
  • Director, Warehousing & Volunteer Coordination - Mr Catalin Constantine
  • Shipping Director - Capt Julius Sowah
  • Asst. Shipping Coordinator - Dr Chikezie Okike
  • Director of Administration - Ms Mabel Kazimanyi

Board of Trustees

  • Chair - Professor Elewechi Okike
  • Treasurer - Mr Jonas Abladey
  • Secretary - Ms Adaeze Okike

Board Members

  • Mr Edmund Browne
  • Mrs Pauline Hughes
  • Mr Douglas Jones
  • Ms Mabel Kazimanyi
  • Capt Julius Sowah
  • Mr Catalin Constantine


Mr Charles Uwakaneme

Charles Uwakaneme became a patron of BAFA in 2013 following a career in international business.

Charles believes that education is the key to giving the young people of Africa the skills, resources and insights that will enable the continent to truly reach its potential . 'Book Aid for Africa is a remarkable organisation that needs your help to continue its invaluable work. The team are amazing, hard working and inspirational. I am proud to be a patron and hope that i am able to help them continue to make a difference'.